We are pleased to present our latest publication, the 2nd Edition of:

The Excellence of Al-Sham and its People

This is a beautiful book describing the virtues and blessings of the geographical land of al-Sham and the people that reside there, through 40 Hadiths, covering topics such as the descent of Our Master Isa (peace be upon him).

This was compiled and edited by the expert in hadith studies, Shaykh Gibril Fouad Haddad (one of the world’s leading masters on the science of hadith), who studied in Damascus for a number of years. Some of the luminaries of Damascus wrote forwards for this book.

This book was designed as a keepsake with cloth covers, dust jacket, 292 pages, gold gilding on spine, colour images and is bilingual (Arabic/English). This special book is £25, of which a percentage of profits will be donated the charity IAC.


The book will be available to purchase at this years eagerly anticipated One Million Salawat Event

Please contact us to secure your order now info@remembrancepublications.co.uk



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